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“The duo of Dimitrie J. Leivici and Roman Ortner presented the recital in a style reminiscent of the legendary high time of Viennese Palais concerts. No technical difficulties were insurmountable hurdles but the composer’s ideals were of higher order.” 
                                                                            –- Wiener Arbeiterzeitung, Vienna

“Ysaye Sonata-Ballade was delivered with commanding ease… Violinist Dimitrie Leivici had a full sonority in every dynamic.” 
                                                                            –- The Daily Telegraph, London

“The Austrian Dimitrie-Johann Leivici demonstrated in the Wieniawsky Concerto No. 2 remarkable technique and a beautiful tone.” 
                                                                            –- Kärntner Tageszeitung

“The final movement of Mozart’s Concerto in A Major showed Leivici’s virtuosity at its finest.” 
                                                                            –- The Californian, Bakersfield 

“Dimitrie J. Leivici is a brilliant interpreter of romantic violin sonatas.” 
                                                                            –- Kronen Zeitung, Vienna

“Dimitrie-Johann Leivici gave constant pleasure in sonatas by Bach and Mozart with his fine-spun, silken tone and undemonstrative musicianship…made me look forward to hearing him again.” 
                                                                            –- The Times, London

“Mr. Leivici’s tone became voluptuous in the Brahms D minor which was given a generous dimension throughout, rising to a throbbing intensity in the finale. . Long drawn phrases were sustained with rare beauty and control in Mozart Sonata in B-Flat, KV 454. Strauss’ rarely heard Sonata in E-Flat inspired the players to heights of virtuosity, the violinists tone here being even larger than the pianist’s expressiveness…” 
                                                                            –- The Daily Telegraph, London

“He remains a violinist of fabulous technical ability - few have mastered right-hand technique so completely. Take, for example, the finale of Brahms’ D minor Sonata; often hammered into the ground, here the bow control was exemplary...” 
                                                                            –- The Strad Magazine, London 

“The highly-gifted 17-year-old violinist Dimitrie-Johann Leivici reached for the highest level of violin literature in Paganini’s D-Major Concerto which requires the command of a virtuoso violinist. The very difficult work does not only expect technical perfection but also a great personal understanding of the spirited virtuosity of Paganini. There was no difficulty left out and the frightening cadenza was played effortlessly. The pure and technically proficient performance of the soloist provided an exceptional and commanding execution.” 
                                                                            –- Kärntner Tageszeitung

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