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Dimitrie Johann Leivici, a violin prodigy from Bucharest, Romania, dazzled audiences from a young age, performing at prestigious venues like the Vienna Konzerthaus. Under Josef Sivo's mentorship at the Vienna Music Academy, he honed his craft, showcasing his virtuosity across Vienna and Austria. His American debut in 1976 marked the beginning of a stellar career spanning Romania, Austria, and the UK, captivating audiences with performances alongside esteemed orchestras. Leivici's expertise extends beyond the stage, as he imparts his knowledge through master classes and workshops globally. Notably, he has left an indelible mark on the world of film music, revitalizing Synchron Stage Vienna and collaborating with renowned composers like Hans Zimmer and has organized the annual Hollywood Music Workshop in Austria since 2009. For those seeking to refine their skills, Leivici offers exclusive master classes and workshops worldwide. Reach out via email at for more information on these transformative opportunities.

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